Antigua, Guatemala

Hello to everyone from Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, a Pretty Decent Place.


– Boring kibbles you can skip –

It’s been almost 8 months since I left and it feels like nothing and an eternity at the same time. I only talk to a handful of people regularly but I hope everybody is more or less (mas o menos) doing okay. I really do.

All of my posts are shamefully retrogressive (Exhibit A: the Machu Picchu post that has been in my Drafts folder for about 5 months) but I ***aspire*** to pay more attention to this thing now that I have more time.

This is coming from a person who has failed majestically to keep a blog, but having a regularly updated blog takes extreme self-discipline (I have none). It is also a great way to develop your writing skills, voice, and understand the balance between what you want to write and what your audience would be interested in. Like I said, I can hear you guys snorting at my aforementioned statement because I haven’t done shit, but for real. I have a voice but I don’t know how to translate it into writing. I don’t know how to produce pithy and succinct writing. I write, but it doesn’t feel like “me.” It takes practice. Years and years of practice.

OK, anyway.

– End boring kibbles –

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