Round Are Way

Since I last posted –

  • Visited Cusco again in July



  • Had my iPhone stolen – hence couldn’t take any pictures, which killed my already non-existent soul

  • Had to opportunity to volunteer for a weekend with other teachers at a school /village for underprivileged Quechua children



  • Moved out of the apartment and lived in a hostel for the last 3 weeks because of landlord problems~
  • Finished teaching and left Peru on August 29 – spent amazing time with some students and other teachers




  • Hung out with Alex, my old coworker from Booz Allen, and his boyfriend in Arequipa
  • Laptop crapped out

  • Flew to Costa Rica and spent a week together with my friends back home in Monteverde and Puerto Viejo




  • Now spending a few more days in Costa Rica until I figure out my life – at this point I’m looking to teach in Guatemala


I am so lucky.

I am also about the worst person alive to have a blog.

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