The World Cup has commenced.

…Which means all of my male students in my afternoon classes yesterday did not show up as I had surmised since they were probably at home watching the game. Proof: only ladies in my yesterday’s class.

Ladies of Upper-Intermediate 3

Since my last post probably got on everyone’s nerves, here are some pictures of my classes and school life. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Example of my setup
Enigmatic notebooks of 20-something year old students
Fellow teachers Leo (Peruvian), Emily (also roommate and TEFL course classmate), and Danny the Leprechaun (Scottish)

Sometimes ESL books (published by National Geographic) are questionable. Other times they are amazing.

Aww National Geographic is pro-sexism!

If you are not teaching, breathing, sleeping, eating, or pooping, then you are probably planning.

Planning in the morning before class with roommate
Planning after class
Planning and correcting papers at lunch
Grading all exams in one night and wondering what your life had become
This is what happens when you see a bakery on your way to and from school everyday

Sometimes student answers bring tears to my eyes and make teaching worth all the pain.

Not entirely untrue
Again, not entirely incorrect

I asked my advanced students to write advantages and disadvantages of borrowing money to attend university. One girl confidently wrote:

“Another drawback is that if you don’t pay the debt the bank will destroy you.”

In another exercise I had two students come up with a business idea of their own. The guy decided to open a sex shop in Amsterdam and the girl opted to open a male stripper business catered to the ladies. I was proud.

Although my classes this month are awesome, my demon class from last session didn’t even know my name. Variations as seen on the final exam are as follows, including the best one – blank:

Sometimes they listen to me:

They usually like coming up and writing on the board
Elementary 2 from last session
Contrary to popular belief, I do try to be friendly

Just to show reiterate the reality, I am willing to show this…this is what usually happens when my life gets taken over by teaching (THOSE ARE NOT TRASH BAGS THEY ARE GROCERIES):

Off to my afternoon classes – day two of not expecting to see my male students. GOAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLL?

I think I will try to watch a part of the game on the internet or something. Maybe.

1 thought on “Balls”

  1. Great post Sari….they student writing made me LOL. I have decided to cancel my subscription to National Geographic!!!

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