Photo Dump

I have conflicted feelings about taking pictures.

I obviously enjoy taking them but sometimes I find myself focusing my energy and attention on finding “photo-worthy” things that I may not be truly taking in the moment, even if it is just crossing the street or reading on the bench. This is most evident during special trips.

That’s why I like going on photo walks because I don’t feel as guilty about not letting myself be in my surroundings. I have a clear purpose: take pictures of things I find interesting.

Men playing cards on a street corner

Arequipa is full of life and little moments that make them (that sentence did not make much sense). It is a picturesque city. Because I knew I would be here for a while I tried to soak things in before I started taking pictures.

I always have my iPhone with me. My favorite subject is people in candid moments but that is also one of the more difficult things to capture – it usually happens and ends too fast. But when I do capture them, it makes me very happy. They all tell a story.

Just today I saw three moments I wish I could have captured. One was two security guards laughing and throwing small rocks over a high wall – they were clearly bored on the job. Second was two guys pushing a cobalt blue vintage Beetle (not sure if it broke down or ran out of gas) in the middle of a super busy main street. The third was a man on a motorbike except it was attached to a ridiculous cart filled with food and trash cans.

One of the tricks for taking pictures, I’ve learned, is to not give a shit. I still get embarrassed and uncomfortable taking out my phone to take a picture here because¬†people just don’t do that. It makes me look like a n00b (well, I am, but you know). But you just have to let that go and take a picture of whatever the hell you want to take. It takes practice and I still haven’t mastered it.

Anyway, here are some pictures I had not yet posted.

Kids are the same in every country

I got down on one knee to get this one

Another reason why I like taking pictures is that it makes you notice the little things – shadows, signs, the way things are placed. You gain new perspective.

Checking out the morning papers
Arequipa staples – combi and vintage Beetles (bochitos)
I say it again, I can’t believe how good iPhone’s camera is

I also have an Instagram account that I love (@piddlington). It’s super easy and fun to use. I posted some of these pictures there before I uploaded them here today. If you don’t want to get the free app then you can also see it online:

Mama – I will help you set it up during our next Skype call as promised.

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